UKMA Projects

The UK Mesothelioma Alliance is leading and currently working on is the development of a Service Specification and Optimal Pathway for Mesothelioma, similar to that recently developed for NHS England by its Lung Cancer Clinical Expert Group (CEG).  This initiative has been facilitated both by the work done by the CEG on lung cancer and by the publication of the British Thoracic Society (BTS) Mesothelioma Guidelines.

The CEG has given its support for this idea and three members of the CEG sit on the development group (full list to the right).  The UKMA has identified funds to support the development of these important documents and Professor Michael Peake chairs the development group.  The development group has been working on drafting these complex and detailed documents and Professor Peake has been liaising with NHS England’s Specialist Commissioning Team to get these adopted.

The UKMA and the Development Group are keen to ensure that this initiative is followed up and therefore plan to meet in April 2019 to take this forward.  The UKMA will update with any developments.

March 2019

Service Specification and Optimal Pathway for Mesothelioma Development Group

  • Anna Bibby - Clinician
  • Kevin Blyth - Physician
  • Paul Cane – Lung Cancer Clinical Expert Group (CEG)
  • Liz Darlison - UKMA
  • Patricia Fisher – Clinician
  • Kelvin Lau - Surgeon
  • Michael Peake - UKMA
  • Sanjay Popat – CEG/BTOG
  • Robert Rintoul – CEG
  • Kimberly Stubbs - Advocate
  • Lynne Squibb – Advocate
  • Andrew Wilcock – Palliative Care
  • Ian Woolhouse – British Thoracic Society